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19 June, 2018

It's Not A Rock Concert Unless Their Legs Are Skinnier Than Mine: Artic Monkeys Live At The Royal Albert Hall

A rather last-minute turn of events meant that Mads and I were on our way into Kensington one evening to see the Artic Monkeys at one of my top five favourite venues--The Royal Albert Hall.  I've worked a few events there before and fell in love with the architecture, decor and rich musical history it encapsulates.

Cameron Avery served as their opening act and was right up my alley music-taste wise.  Sick voice and fantastic stage presence--will definitely be looking a bit more into him.

The crowd went absolutely wild when the Artic Monkeys came out.  It was an incredible atmosphere and hands down, was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.  I'd only just recently had a proper listen to their latest album and while I think it's a got a very space oddity-esc. vibe throughout it, a departure, I feel, from the unique sound they're known for.  It is still a brilliantly put together album nonetheless and hell, even if it doesn't immediately sound like the Artic Monkeys, it's still visibly them.  What an amazing night!! Still buzzing...So cool to have had the opportunity to experience this legendary venue and these badass boys in one go.



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