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11 June, 2018

A Day At The V&A: Pt. 1

Now that exams are finished, all that's left for me to do in my last month here in London is to get all of the sight-seeing, touristing, and proper London experiences done, pack and prep for the moves and enjoy time with the lovely people I've come to call family.

It was set to be a rather cloudy day so I decided instead of choosing an activity that would be best enjoyed with a bit of sunshine that I'd spend a few hours at one of the many museums on my list and headed to The Victoria & Albert Museum for some awe-inspiring culture.

I started with Medieval & Renaissance Europe 300-1600 before walking through the history of fashion followed up with architecture.  I walked through the glass exhibit which unexpectedly wound up being one of my favourites of the day, ironwork, sculptures & carving and finally, jewellery.  Obviously these aren't all of the pictures from the day but I've tried to compile a good overview of the day.  Due to the capacity of pictures I will however be splitting these throughout two posts.  Thoroughly recommended for anyone in or looking to come to London!

Even though I feel like I got through a decent amount in one go I would love to go back.  That's the thing with museums, isn't it?  Either your brain just can't absorb any more information and you have to call it a day or you're being told the museum's closing!!

What are some of your favourite museums you've been to and why?

Have a good one lovelies!


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