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21 May, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 43

I don't know why (why not?) but after wearing my cobalt blue mini skirt out last week for one of my sunny Bloom study dates with me, myself and my soya Cappuccinos I've found myself reaching for the blue hues in my wardrobe, wishing I had more in this exact tone.

Maybe it's the wishful thinking in that a tan is indeed in my future but similarly, I've been lusting for a crisp summery white ensemble that's clearly had a say in these funky black and white drop earrings and furthermore, this elegant white lace body con dress.

Summer means I'll be living in sandals in every available variation but my taste is always skewed towards the black leather options and much as I had a strong distaste for them in previous years, I've found myself developing a fondness for a good pair of Birkenstocks.

A beautiful, simple and modern silver necklace will, to the best of my ability, always be draped around my neck.  Tiffany's is the brand tempting me this time around with their pretty open pendant option.

Have a good one :*


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