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15 May, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 42

This striking green striped feathered dress is motivating me to buckle down on that clean eating and double up on pilates ASAP.  Imagine it with this boucl√© blazer and classic pair of Loubs...a match made in heaven!

My loyalty to LBD's continues in this ethereal black Gina Bacconi shift dress with...wait for it...A FLORAL CAPE. You read right! I will be dreaming of this dress until the moment it's hanging in my closet and honestly, probably thereafter.

My final lust-based pick of the week has been influenced by my penchant for all things snake print.  Pair that with an ankle boot and I'm yours!

Hope you've enjoyed this week's Tempting Tuesday! Have a good one :)



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