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08 May, 2018

It's Gonna Be May

Good evening everyone and for those of you UK based readers, welcome back to reality! I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend and that you've come back to work well rested and ready to smash it!!

The week leading up to the Bank Holiday weekend was absolutely all over the place but of course it only makes sense that a nice long weekend is meant to be matched with a radically long week beforehand.  Sweet Nat came back into town to do up more fabulous new components for our favourite spot so I helped where I could in the hallway's Stranger Thing's elements and the construction of the new room.  When I say help I mean that in comparison to the amazingly large workload the others had taken on I tracked down the necessary tools, waved a paint brush effectively around for a few hours, assisted with liaising with clients when needed and doled out that honest opinion everyone knows and loves ;)

All of the extra work and stress paid off as the phenomenal news came through that our favourite boys took home not one, not two, but SEVEN Time Out London awards and were voted the Best All In One Bar in Fulham on Design My Night!! Well done lads!  So incredibly well deserved!! We're all so very proud and I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that are to come from you lovely lot.

In the middle of all of this of course exam stress properly settled in as hardcore revision got kicked into high gear, calling for some big nights out to unwind and a massive Spring cleaning session.  I have tentatively started moving-related packing but thankfully one massive point of stress has been removed as we've extended our contract officially until the 17th. of July rather than June.  My brain is such goo I'm not even sure if I've relayed this information to y'all yet so apologies if this is the second time around.  In continuance, this means that instead of having to sort out, sell, pack up and relocate my things to Denmark on top of studying for and taking my final LLB exams and working out all of the details on the move to Boston that I can just focus on doing my best on these finals and will have all of June and a bit of July to deal with all of that whilst enjoying summer in London with my favourite humans.

Stay tuned for posts covering Laurence's welcome back to London after his South American travel adventures and all of the shenanigans (un)associated with this past Bank Holiday.


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