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14 May, 2018

Better Be Quick

It feels like forever since we got the group together for a BBQ at Rickie's and with record-breaking temperatures this past Bank Holiday weekend,  resistance was futile.

There was no lack of food or fun with an BBQ line-up worthy of the Gods!  Different types of sausages, chicken, fresh, crisp salads dripping in olive oil, baguette, two types of other-worldly good Portuguese rice a'la Granddad, cheese burgers and for the grand finale, steaks that honestly made the grill look like it shrunk!!  Paired with some perfectly grilled peppers and chunks of halloumi, it's genuinely shocking that we made room for homemade brownies and strawberry merengues thereafter.  We kept the good vibes going with music blaring through the kitchen window, family and friends gathering from across London and just up/down the road and of course, no barbeque is complete without a new variation of Ricardo's special BBQ punch...He's getting far too well known for these bad boys at this point!

Thank you all for such a great day filled with so much happiness, positivity and joy.  We all need and damn well deserve an extra dose of sunshine, lovin' and vodka now and again!



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