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21 April, 2018

Ugly Babies & New Friends

After piling into one room for snuggles, Mcdonald's, a movie and later, officially giving up on a decent night's sleep following the cancer research event, work began on creating the King's Head & Courtyard's sign.  I finally got to meet the talented Nat a few days prior who's been their go-to graphic designer having created the mural out in the Courtyard as well as the paint job in the 'snug' inside as well.  Her skills were put to the test with a more electrically-based request on behalf of the boys who desperately want a funky green neon sign up to help draw attention to their amazing new business.  In my experience, most of my closest friends are ones that I've met under the strangest of circumstances and this lady and Emily is no different but I'm so happy to have gotten to know her a bit better during her visit to London and can't wait to see her again!

Running around to printing stores, B&Q, hardware shop after hardware shop and most certainly the Off License for snacks & booze to supplement the crazily high levels of perfectionism and hard work that filled the flat for two days straight meant a lot of extremely sleep-deprived, barely-functional humans.  It however also meant that we all got to know each other a lot better as everyone reported for duty, all hands on deck as we sat cutting, marking, exposing wires, soldering and praying that we'd meet the deadline with a working DIY sign that was functional and went in line with the boys' vision.

After taking over Nenad & Toni's flat helping with the creation of the sign, running around picking up materials it all paid off as early Saturday morning it was creatively hoisted up into their front window, shining clear through the night, ready for the next fully booked day of shenanigans at TKH.  We were all running back and forth to test its visibility, ensuring it was perfectly straight by switching between the roundabout and cross-walks in front of the building shouting 'LEFT! RIGHT! PERFECT! STOP!!!!' for a good hour before collapsing on the floor to soak in all of its radiance and indulging in a night-cap before finally calling it a day.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork although none of it would have been possible without the true brains behind the operation!

Whilst we still had this lovely lady with us in London she also tested a new idea that I cannot wait to see materialise as their new, official sign will be made and hung in the coming months to replace an emotionally invested in temporary piece of work.

Following the insanity, mixing in emails sent off with computers placed on top of laundry baskets, early morning stress cleaning and humans taking up every which corner, some more normalcy entered our lives again as our sweet and beloved Emma finally came back from her three week holiday in Australia.  Sofia, Emma and I had a catchup Italian dinner before diving right back into our usual schedules that involved coffee, uni work, and Roxie sitting at Bloom.  Good to have her back!! Too much happens when you leave us :P



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