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28 April, 2018

Timeless: Mormor's 80th. Birthday

Somehow we all wound up matching for the third day in a row in different hues of blue, white and black as we prepared the house for the guest's arrival.  After emptying both of my useless suitcases, packed full of all of the clothes I feel that I've worn too much or not at all in London, I finally ended up selecting my birthday dress.  It worked for my birthday so why not put it to good use again for another big b-day?!

 Within minutes of the first few pouring in Jan and I were running around like headless chickens trying to move tables and chairs outside, having setup indoors given the chilly weather complete with clouds that originally greeted us that morning.  Mormor had clearly been on her best behaviour this past year as we were graced with a rare sunshine-soaked early afternoon.

There were 80 single stem red roses on top of a plethora of gorgeous flower bouquets from various guests, finger food to feed an army, three tear-inducing speeches, an overflowing gift table and plenty of great conversations to go around.  Every time I saw my grandmother she was absolutely beaming with joy. 

This woman looks younger with every birthday celebrated.  I'd say I don't know how but I feel like a lazy little lard every time I spend an hour with my grandmother.  She is still so creative, hard working, caring and energetic.  She puts most people my age to shame with her workout routine and diet and always finds time to add the little details that matter to every thing she does.  I'm so happy that I could be here to celebrate her--it's not every day you turn 80 after all.  You deserve all of the love, praise and happiness you felt on your birthday Mormor...and every other day for that matter.  She was so taken aback with how many people turned up and sincerely enjoyed and appreciated a day that she otherwise wasn't superbly excited for as such.

A special thanks to our number one go-to helper, Jytte, whom without we would be more stressed than the Fabricius clan is known for being in our perfectionist ways with any event to pull off.  You're such an absolute rockstar of a human being & we love you dearly!

Big love and thank you once again for everyone who took the time to pass on a lovely message for me to relay onwards.



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