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17 April, 2018

There Goes The Alarm (Nana & Po Take LDN)

Shop 'til you drop was the reoccurring theme come Nana & Po's last full day in London where our day-long expedition was centred around the highly sought-after Primark (which, until that Friday I didn't know we had just around the corner).  By the time we approached 6 pm we were all so tired we'd achieved the unimaginable...we'd lost the will to shop anymore.  It would appear as though all we really did while they were here was eat, shop, drink and take a boat load of pictures...this would be a very much accurate representation, as requested!

The girls' last few hours in the city post-packing down all of their newly acquired London goodies were spent in my second home until the clock struck half past four and it was time to say our thank yous and farewells as they headed back to snowy Denmark.  It was so nice having them here, even for such a short while.  Thank you both for coming out to see me!  It meant the world having you here and being able to show you the place I've come to call home for the past four years.

Saturday and Sunday went by in the blink of an eye as I tried to play catchup from my three day holiday away from the business of life but not withouta second go at TKH's bottomless brunch in the company of sweet Sofia, Toni in the kitchen, and her lovely sister and future brother-in-law.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend amongst family, friends, a nice drink or two and oodles of chocolate.

Big love,


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