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29 April, 2018

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Good afternoon beautiful humans!
How are you all getting on?

As if it wasn't frustrating enough having to dedicate so much time to uni work rather than just spending time with Mama on my short trip back to Denmark, the beautiful spring weather we were suddenly blessed with further aggravated the situation.

I moved my "office" outside where possible and whipped up an extra serving of willpower and determination (how and where from I have no clue) that meant everything was finished in under a week.  I was definitely motivated by the stunning sunshine and the potential to prance around in the blooming garden, play cards, tan and relax with my best girl rather than sit glued to my computer.  I've got, "a big fat carrot" to run after in my Mormor's words, with my BU acceptance calling for a bit of extra hard work to knock this final semester out of the park!!

Supposedly the busier you are the faster time flies and just as I felt I'd gotten settled, it was nearly time to leave again.  It's the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that when I come back to London, as never-ending as my to-do list is, that the only university-related thing that remains now is to buckle down and study for exams!



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