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03 April, 2018

She In UK: A Spring/Summer Haul

I wouldn't ever recommend a brand that I myself don't like, trust and use and while everyone has different expectations, standards and desires when shopping reading reviews and taking everything with a grain of salt is my best piece of advice before proceeding in purchasing anything from anywhere.  This being said, here is the very positive outcome of my dipping my toe into the pond that is the highly-spoken of 'She In' UK that I'm sure you've seen plastered everywhere from your social media feeds to ads when browsing the internet.  I'd last ordered from them way back in 2014 but since then, for what I've understood, they've undergone new ownership, branding etc. and it would appear as though this is all for the better based on my experience.

Every single one of the items came just as pictured and not one didn't fit me perfectly.  I was extremely shocked that there weren't any issues at all as even when doing hauls for better-known and often more reputable retailers, I usually wind up sending something back something for one of these two reasons and didn't expect shopping experience to be any different.  I had a look at their sizing guides per item and for me, it was spot on. 

Given how good the prices are I'm surprised as to how good the quality for the items seems to be upon first trying them on.  How long the pieces last of course is something that remains to be seen but considering my total came out to be just under £200 I'd say fair game also given how much I got (4 bikini sets, 6 dresses, 5 tops, 2 skirts and a pair of shorts).  I still use over half of the items I purchased with the then 'She Inside' brand four years ago and can't complain about the quality with those seeing as how long and how well they've lasted so here's hoping for the same this time around!!

The only slightly confusing bit in this experience so far was difficulty in tracking my order and the items arriving on different days and in different parcels.  Everything did arrive within 5-7 working days however so as far as waiting time, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Have any of you bought anything from She In before?  What was your experience like?  Would you buy again?  How have you found the items by way of accuracy, sizing, quality and longevity?

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