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03 April, 2018


Good evening all!

Firstly, sorry for the delay of posts this past week but as I'm sure some of you noticed, we were having some technical difficulties that made PLRG inaccessible through its custom domain and rather, only reachable if you went through Smoke In The Rain's old link.  Thankfully it's been fixed now and we should be back up and running again as normal.  Thank you for your patience and continued support! The second reason for the lack of posts was the arrival of Polina & Nana!! As amazing as it was to have them here for a few days and to be able to immerse them into the life of Em in London, it also meant that I wasn't home for more than an outfit change and a few hours of sleep.

Sweet Easter packages from Mama and Mormor and Morfar from Denmark stuffed with handmade cards, decorations and every variation of a chocolate Easter egg known to mankind.  The amount of sweeties in my flat right now is a bit concerning.  I've been dolling them out, playing Easter Bunny as even with my immense sweet tooth, consuming this excess amount of candy is impossible!

I finished my International Law of Armed Conflict coursework by Friday after a few hardcore coffee and studying sessions at Bloom, soaking up the sun whenever I could (even with the wind still feeling icy), even with a bit of company once in awhile.  Come last Thursday Adam and I were off to see Niall Horan live at the O2 in Brixton and this boy was absolutely amazing.  His voice is just so sweet and pure, like a folk-y lullaby and ugh, great taste in guitars!  His stage presence is as strong as it was back when he was still with One Direction but I find that his voice really radiates now, suiting his own music more in comparison.

He was so humble, thanking everyone for using their hard-earned money to come out and support him in a fully packed arena.  It was my first time at the O2 in Brixton and the venue lived up to all of the positive comments I'd heard about it leading up to this performance.  I loved the space, the acoustics were phenomenal and the vibes were great.  Everyone was chilled out and happy, sweet Adam and I being no exception as we swayed back and forth together cuddled up as we sung along, drinks in hand.

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend and are well-rested and ready to kick off April in style.  Stay tuned for an abundance of posts containing everything from my recent buys to what my two best Danish girlies and I got up to during their stay here.

Big love,

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