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23 April, 2018

Love, Rainbows & Rock N' Roll

The long awaited day finally came where Sofia and I were off to see the one and only Mr. Harry Styles at The O2 arena in London.  I'd frantically tried to get tickets last summer and the amount of excitement when (and only when) the confirmation email came through was next level.  It's been a long time coming, the impatience building just to throw on my specifically selected rainbow sequin blazer and immerse myself in what could only be a fantastic night with my best girl by my side.

I woke up feeling like absolute hell with a cough (that I can only describe as tasting like Bronchitis) that seemed to be draining me of all energy as I tried tackling some of my coursework while stumbling around packing for my surprise trip to Denmark for my Mormor's 80th.  Even with the hour long journey to the arena after a few quick whisky glasses at TKH to carry me through, it was all so beyond worth it.

I'd made the decision the same day that if I was going to make it through the night without completely neglecting my body's cry for help that cancelling the Misterwives concert Nat & Emily had invited me to join them in the day following would be the best decision.  Nat wound up shooting off a plea for a rain cheque before I managed to, also lying at home in bed sick as a dog and unable to attend.  Such a shame but two days, two concerts, a boat load of university work and a flight to catch after an intense previous week appeared to be overkill for my shite immune system.

If you know me well you know that I am a big One Direction fan, having loved the boys since Lina showed them to me when they were still on X-Factor.  They've come such long way since then both vocally and performance wise as well as in their music.  'Made In The A.M.' is such a beautifully constructed album but lyrically and sonically that I felt was truly demonstrable of their journey in the industry.

Regardless of what people may say,  I can only tip my hat to them for their endless hard work, their great senses of humour, down-to-earth and light-heartedness and for creating music that has always been able to put me in a better mood than I was prior to listening to it.  Each of them brought something unique to the band and while the direction Niall and Harry have gone since their hiatus is much more my speed than anything 1D released I am a proud sucker for their tunes back from the boyband days.

It's also not a secret that out of the boys, I had a soft spot for Harry.  This kid's just got something special that clearly, has not gone unnoticed.  His vocal strength, songwriting skills and striking stage presence bring back some of the phenomenal old-school rock n' roll I feel the industry is lacking. His debut album blew me away and to be able to see that live was incredible.  Every little detail was so well thought out and added massively to the experience.  The video graphics gave me some serious Pink Floyd vibes, the intricately beaded ensemble a modernised piece of art paying ode to the legendary Freddie Mercury, the colours selected per song lighting contributing beautifully to the feel of each performance...blown away.

There were LGBTQ flags everywhere you looked, the wide variety of stylish ensembles on all of the fans additionally contributing to a very collective feeling of love and solidarity.  Some fans even managed to pass out different colour strips of film for each section of the stadium to place over our flashlights on our smartphones when 'Sweet Creature' came on, lighting up the O2 in a rainbow surprise for this lovely human.  Harry comes across as being a very down-to-earth, sweet, witty human being who's love of music and performing is palpably felt by each member of the insanely fanbase he's garnered.  I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future but I'll be patiently, excitedly waiting  as I had been for almost a full year leading up to this amazing night.


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