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18 April, 2018

James' Jog On To Cancer

On the 4th. of April a big group of us from The King's Head & Courtyard (shock, we're family now) shined ourselves up for James' Jog On To Cancer event that evening.  Many of us have either lost someone to or know someone who is struggling with cancer so be able to come out and support such an incredible cause and raise both awareness and money to be used towards cancer research was an amazing opportunity.

Rickie sorted my hair out with a blow out early on in the afternoon with the help of sweet little Roxie who insisted on sitting in my lap right from when I got my hair washed all the way through the appointment.  As great as it looked all styled up with the old school Hollywood glam curls I desired
I didn't make it home before it started raining...enter frizz, exit styling.  I managed to salvage it alright with some curls thankfully and even as I'm writing this three days later my hair still has so much bounce and volume.  It was a dangerously good blow out that I can see myself getting far too used to having.

I'd packed down or shipped so many of my proper nice dresses back to Denmark at this point, not thinking I was going to have any need in keeping them here so my options were limited.  I thought I'd wear a beautiful custom black vintage dress of my mum's but I didn't manage to squeeze into it over Easter Weekend.  That my friend, was when I started panicking a bit because nothing's open!! Thankfully (I LOVE YOU!) ASOS could get a dress to me by Monday so at that point, it was just hoping it would fit nicely.

I went with the same brand that I wore on my birthday, Chi Chi London, not just because I've come to realise that I adore every piece that they make but also because I felt confident about making a safe decision with sizing (one size up from what you regularly are and you'll be good) with little time to change much if this piece also didn't work.  Such a sigh of relief when I zipped it up and could still breathe :P

I paired my dress for the evening with a pair of black sandal heels, one of my favourite pieces in my closet--a black lace cover-over I've inherited from my Mummy--my new silver clutch and some sparkly bling-age.

Clearly, I'm not English and while I did recognise some of the songs, I can't say that I knew many of the performers for the evening beforehand with the exception of the talented and absolutely lovely Alexandra Burke.  I'm not sure I can accurately articulate how excited the group was for S Club 7's performance and again, I can't honestly say that I had a clue who they were but just to see Nenad's reaction when they came out on stage made it one of my favourites of the night!

A beautiful venue, an amazing host, music performances, a strew of drinks in brilliant company and fantastic and humours turn-out of the auctions in turn with the total of £53,000 raised for cancer research that evening made the night into what it was.



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