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25 April, 2018

It's Never “Just” Pizza

While Mama put the finishing touches on the gift basked to give to a woman who already has everything and prepared some fruit for the reception the day following I worked away at my coursework.  The day completely escaped us in our individual busyness and before we knew it it was time to throw on some grown-up clothing (note: NOT fluffy PJ pants) a stitch of makeup of head in for dinner with the family at our long-loved Bella Italia.

I had a pizza with chicken, fresh tomatoes, rocket salad, parmesan and truffles (AMAZING!),  Mama tucked into some veal Scallopini, Renée had a lovely looking creamy salmon pasta dish, Jan opted for the Australian Rib Eye and the remainder of the group feasted on veal in a creamy mushroom sauce, fresh sautéed vegetables and oven roasted potatoes. I felt like it was the quickest dinner in history but that was probably just me having no sense of time as usual.  Lovely food and lovely company always makes for a good time!



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