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29 April, 2018


Come Monday morning Mama and I woke up bright and early and headed into Svendborg to partake in a protest against newly announced proposed budget cuts in our hometown a the bottom of the "Spanish steps" before making our way up to city hall.  Some of the protestors proudly wore white, a colour commonly associated with psychiatric institutions and Martin, one of the organisers of the event, chose to paint himself like one of the many homeless statues (made by Jens Galschi√łt) we have throughout the town in an effort to demonstrate how quickly they could all wind up sitting right next to them should these budget cut proposals go through.  

These budget cuts would, in addition to a long list of other questionable proposals that will take away resources from the most vulnerable, include shutting down incredible places like Impuls that provide social and psychological support for those who need it the most.

I have experienced first-hand exactly what a massive difference having a place like this can have in the lives of people who don't feel they have anyone or anywhere else to feel okay with being themselves, regardless of the demons they're fighting and the obstacles they've overcome. Be it a history with drug abuse, alcohol, suicide attempts, institutionalisation...Impuls is a safe haven.  Taking away places like this will have a long line of avoidable consequences that no one except for the societal "outcasts" will have to bear--spitting in the face of the hard work they've put into their self-betterment and recovery. 

It was a good turnout, as both a present journalist and a politician duly noted--even more so given the vulnerable psychological states so many of those who seek support from Impuls are in that rendered many unable to be physically present at the protest.  In addition to this, members and representatives of two homeless homeless centres came out to lend their support as well.  Without places like Impuls to support them and deter them from spiralling downwards and succumbing to old temptations, many may end up on the streets (again).  

Just because you can't relate or understand someone and their experiences and journey, shouldn't mean they are suddenly made out to be any less deserving and certainly not any less human. Don't take away the pulsating heartbeat of Impuls that has provided such hope, joy and hands-on support for so many.  My Mum has been going to Impuls for almost three years now and the social network it has provided for her that she wouldn't have access to otherwise has made a distinctly positive difference in her life that I am so grateful that she's had it.  

I'm so happy that I got to tag along a few times whether it was for a cup of coffee and some stories or to participate in bee-keeping (one of the many activities Impulse provides) and I would so love for everyone to continuously have the ability to do so.  Every time I've been there, I've learnt something new and have had a good laugh and to think that's the experience a removed party can have, imagine what an impact this place has on those directly affiliated...

If you have a spare minute it would mean the world to me if you would sign to help us protect this amazing place and all of the wonderful people it helps by way of a cup of coffee to help them connect and socialise, job opportunities, the ability to pick up new skills and hobbies, and/or a roof over their heads.  If you would like to hear more, here is the article written (in Danish) on the protest and here is where you can sign under.  Thank you in advance!!

Have a great day!


P.S. I've translated most of signs to the best of my ability below:

-Will my psychological disorder disappear in 2019?

-23 million for the social sector or 23 million for the land events

-42 work places.  Where shall we go now? Loneliness and isolation lead to hospitalisation and suicide.

-Where will I go when.... ?

-Company makes me healthy!

-How will I maintain my social network if you close Impuls?

-Company is important!

-Don't cut down on Svendborg's only §104 activities & togetherness offer.

-Save the place to be!

-Stop cutting down!  Do you know how it feels to have an invisible illness and simultaneously not be
heard/have a voice?

-If we can't defend ourselves you can easily cut down on us

-Get rid of the "saving knife!" It costs people their lives.


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