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23 April, 2018

I'm Coming Home

Amazing how and hour and a half flight somehow winds up in being a full 10 hour journey!!  I so prefer long-haul flights because everything leading up to it is the same and going into a long journey, I feel like you have a very different headspace in doing so.

The trip from home to the airport, luggage check-in, security, finding the gate, the flight in itself, passport control, waiting for your luggage, getting out of the airport and the final last haul of the trip before reaching your destination...none of these things are really that big of a pain for someone who is both used to frequent travel and who strangely enough enjoys the experience but when you're sick?!  Not much worse.  I left in a cab bound for Heathrow at quarter past eleven in the morning and finally reached Mama's a little to half past nine in the evening, exhausted and confused as to where the hell the entire day had gone!

Seeing her waiting at the station in Svendborg for me and that first hug (more of me flinging my entire body onto her in the hopes that she wouldn't fall over but that I could just bury myself in Mama cuddles for the next 10 min. than it probably was an actual hug) make it all worthwhile.  Coming home to a sincerely hyped-up Bølle and surprisingly cuddly Mitzy, salmon open-sandwiches and an array of veg and hummus, rosé wine awaiting my rubbling belly before being reminded of my un-opened belated birthday presents beckoning me immediately brightened my day.  There was little point in Mama wasting money to ship over my birthday presents when I was going to be home so soon and will be moving everything to Denmark before moving further onwards to Boston in a few months time and it gave me something to look forward to (even though I totally spaced on out them).  I was spoilt with all new skin care and beauty products, perfume, a load of pretty vintage scarves and a stunning black onyx ring from Mama's collection.

When she walked me over to the house an unveiled my adorable guest bedroom and stunning bathroom all finished in its construction and decorated with my old childhood furniture, sheets, stuffed bunny and fluffy new towels galore, I couldn't deal.  It so amazing to see the changes in the house since we first started redoing it and bizarrely comforting, although very strange to be surrounded by furniture and decor that I only know from my memories of growing up in Arizona and most recently, packing up and shoving in a shipping container bound for the other side of the Atlantic.

There's nothing like coming home <3




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