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12 April, 2018

Hope To Nope: Wednesday Pt. 3 (Nana & Po Take LDN)

Our second stop was the Hope To Nope exhibition which emphasises the role and impact that graphic design plays in political movements.  Within seconds of entering the exhibit, I found myself unable to control my dark-humoured laughter but thankfully, I was not alone.  Some of the things that have happened and continue to go on in this world are so obscene that I can't stifle a chuckle be it from actual amusement or an awkward, nervous reaction out of despair for the current state of affairs.  Absolutely amazing and again, very highly recommended!

It was an extremely detailed exhibit that as immensely interesting and emotional of an experience as it was, I think I'll have to go back again in order to get the full effect given that my brain can only absorb so much information (and retain it) within a certain amount of time and the Ferrari exhibit was a doozy.

Even though we were boiling, thirsty and mentally exhausted, it seemed silly to leave without having a gander at their Designers in Residence, a core exhibit at The Design Museum, before we headed back to Fulham.  I had to go to the dentist for what I thought was going to be a quick impression for my Crown tooth and a change in antibiotics for an absolutely horrid wisdom tooth infection I'd been plagued with the week prior which somehow ended up with me being stuck in the chair for two full hours, unable to feel my face after my old temporary crown was removed, the new one put in and an impression being made.  Nana and Po were absolute rockstars, just waiting patiently, confused as all hell in the waiting room until I came out feeling like my lip was three times its size and like I was constantly drooling.

After an unexpected end to the afternoon, drinks were ever more well-warranted as we zipped home to doll ourselves up a bit for the true London experience--Wednesdays at The King's Head & Courtyard.  Ironically so, the theme of the evening seemed eerily similar to the name of the second exhibition but nonetheless, having my two Danish girlies get to meet and get along so brilliantly with the London family was such a unique, heart-warming experience that I'm over-the-moon got to happen before my moving.



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