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30 April, 2018

Front Page

My last days in Denmark involved having one last dinner with my grandparents, laughing at the fact that of course Mama and I wound up on the front page of the newspaper that covered the protest over far too many Danish meatballs and celebrating what would have been my father's 51st. birthday over some big, fat juicy steaks in good company.

We headed up to Impuls to say hello to everyone, bees included, before I made my way to the airport in Copenhagen en route to jet back home to London.  A nice bottle of whisky and bag after bag of Danish sweeties taking up the most space, having shoved the essentials into my carry-on that was placed in my otherwise successfully emptied check-in suitcase, signifying the beginning of my move to Boston.

It was a strange feeling knowing that the next time I'd be in Denmark it'd mean that I would no longer be living in London...a similar and equally hard-hitting feeling that overwhelmed me as I looked out the window, taking in the world famous sights of a city I've been so lucky to call home for almost five years now.  I'd ask if it's possible to miss something you haven't even lost yet but it would appear as though I already know the answer.



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