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17 April, 2018

Damage Done: Easter Break Newbies

Friday finds left us all with rather sizeable holes in our wallets but with massive smiles on our faces.  Everyone managed to get most of what they were after and then some so as far as our shopping expeditions went, I'd say we were rather successful!! I grabbed the new Carolina Herrera fragrance I fell in love with when I went to Westfield's with Emma a while back (see here) and it's just as good as I remembered.  It's got a light, sexy, floral scent that, while not so potent that I'd classify its smell as being "in your face" is distinct and unmistakably present--the perfect mixture.  The packaging suits this fragrance with its seductive velvet and gold-trimmed box, a tall black patent and gold heel enclosed within as the perfume bottle.

Our second stop was what the girls had been lusting over--Primark.  I've only ever been once when I first moved to London on a mission to pick up a few specific items Lina had requested on her Christmas wish list.  Given my old university's location on Regent Street, it didn't seem like it'd be all that trying to pop up the street, locate said items and head home again.  Oxford Circus right before Christmas...PRIMARK right before Christmas...need I give any more reasons as to why I've yet to return?

As previously mentioned however, I was completely, blissfully unaware as to the fact that they have other locations, one of which is just around the corner from me in Hammersmith.  Still rather sizeable, this store was thankfully a lot less chaotic than what I'd experienced but once before, thereby making it quite dangerous.  I picked up a few of my favourite go-to tops, a pair of marvellously fitting trousers that happened to be the last in my size, a cute skirt, some little silky paisley PJ shorts, a massive silver bow clutch and a boat load of fun hoop earrings.  While waiting in the queue, a pair of funky pink and blue sunglasses caught my eye.  I tried them on jokingly, Nana's reaction immediately being interpreted as being sarcastic until she forced me to look in the mirror and see that they suited me quite well!! Hell, for £3, I'd be no fun if I said no.

Po, an avid second-hand store shopper and advocate for re-using as much clothing as possible, keeping the same pieces in circulation rather than going out and buying similar items from new, had already mapped out a few charity shops in the area prior to our arrival.  As soon as I walked in the door of the first one my eyes went to a slinky little grey number.  Made in Italy pshh try made specially for me!  I also found a bright pink Zara blazer that while in need of a bit of sewing on the inside of the sleeves was otherwise in great condition that came home with me as well.

Our final stop before calling it a day wasTK Maxx, continuing on our bargain hunting spree.  As excited as I was to find the pair of Marc Jacob's sunglasses I've found myself going back to time and time again every time I've been out shopping or browsing through duty free during my travels I was probably more stoked to have found this funky pair of black and white striped rounded sunglasses that so vehemently appealed to the rock n' roll baby in me.  Again, nice to know such a dangerously good store is so close to me...

If you like any of these fab new items, have a look in the widget at the end of the post.

Thanks for reading!  Have a good one all :*


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