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24 April, 2018

A Wine Gum Based Affair

My first full day back on Fyn involved pimping myself out with wine gums, Danish flags and balloons for a trip into Svendborg to surprise Mormor a few days before her 80th. birthday.  She and Morfar absolutely love Basset's Wine Gums and they are crazy expensive here so I lugged a few boxes back from London for them which Mama decided needed to be attached to my body, my entire outfit centred around this.

My aunt and uncle had flown in to represent the Luxembourg based side of the family with the two kiddos stuck home studying for exams along with Lina in D.C. meaning I was the only grandchild unknowingly available to celebrate this wonderful woman on her big day.  Mama had been invited in early on in the day for a sushi dinner to kick off the weekend-long celebrations leading up to the actual event on Monday and knowing her daughter and mother as well as she does, made the executive decision that the surprise should be pushed up to that day so I could join in on a sushi feast and Mormor wouldn't be completely freaked with my showing up alongside another 60 some humans.

We picked up some sushi to supplement the order just incase and snuck in through the garage, balloons and flags flailing all about as a pranced into the kitchen and into a shocked Mormor.  Bless her...her reaction was so sweet!! "And to think you're willing to fly aalllll the way from England just for me!"  Once all of the hellos were said we sat down and tucked into our scrumptious seafood spread complete with celebratory bubbles before we making our way back home to feed Bølle and put the final touches on my European Union Law coursework.

As for day one back in Denmark, I'd say it was a success ;)



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