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24 April, 2018

A Wine Gum Based Affair: An OOTD

My accidental situational dressing is getting a bit out of hand.  I realise it doesn't seem accidental at the rate I'm going but I'm also well convinced that we are subconsiously influenced by our surroundings and I can't see why that also somehow wouldn't work its way into dressing.

As previously stated, yes, my outfit was geared towards matching the sweets I brought from England to be presented to my grandparents but matching my Mum's house in the process wasn't planned or noticed until we were just about to hop into the car!!

I'm wearing one of my Mama's beautiful black suede coats along with one of the pretty scarves she gifted me for my birthday.  For a similar look, have a look at the widget attached at the end of this post.

Have a great day and thanks for checking in!



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