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16 March, 2018

Weather Confused: An OOTD

Here's what I wore for last week's 'Under The Tree' session following a study session at Bloom with my sweet Emma who is going to be leaving us this Saturday for a whole three weeks to visit her family and friends back in Australia :(

I much prefer being on the other end of the stick being the one jetting off for an indeterminate amount of time rather than being left in the dust.  I'm sure she is going to have an amazing trip and we'll all have to figure out one thing or another to do to attempt to temporarily fill the Emma-shaped hole in our lives.

The weather in England truly is a conversational piece.  Much as I opposed this upon moving here, not understanding how it was possible that the weather was interesting enough to constantly make it's way into everyones' conversation, I get it now.  It's the sheer confusion behind how in the span of a week it can snow, rain and warm up enough to give you hope and some sort of tangible evidence in that Spring is indeed on it's way, just taking it's sweet time.  I must say, reflecting on my outfit choice for the evening, although I quite like it, it is about as weather-confused as the weather itself with a silky crop top on one half and woolen socks and leather boots on the other :P



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