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15 March, 2018


Good afternoon everyone :) How are we all doing this fine Thursday?  We are oh-so very close to the weekend, hang in there!

Monday and Tuesday always seem to be never-ending but then as soon as Wednesday rolls around, the rest of the week just disappears with it!  Last week was very productive for me which unfortunately means there's not an awful lot of content for me to share with you all as my productivity these days usually involves me with my head shoved deep into a textbook so thick it could be used as a weapon (knowledge is power!!).

It was a crazy-busy week and yet all I seem to remember are the few things that I've actually taken pictures of...sharing my wondrous birthday cupcakes from Lina with the TKH boys, another successful 'Under The Tree' session, and studying day in and day out at Bloom!!

I'm very happy to say that I've completed all of my work for Medical Law & Ethics now, even with not a damn thing having been uploaded material wise for us since the beginning of term back in January, hand-in-hand with the strike action that's been occurring.  I feel like my eyes never stop moving back and forth after the mass amounts of reading I've been attempting to plow through these past few weeks but hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end!!

I've still got two important essays and one project left to suss out before late April but I'm hoping, perhaps a bit too optimistically so, that I can have them finished by the 13th. of next month so that I can enjoy some time in Denmark with the fam before exam season craziness kicks into full swing.

Take care hunnies,


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