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20 March, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 34

Hello beautiful humans :)

This week's TT is comprised of beautiful but fun items, all of which work as both statement as well as staple pieces if you ask me.  My first out of the five picks for the week is the classic LBD but with a twist.  The sheer sleeves, the ruffles throughout, the small cutouts at the waist--all of these small details make it a romantic and gothic number that will transition nicely into a spring/summer piece as well.  I'd love to pair it with an unexpected lipstick colour such as this funky purple option from Dior to continue on with the darker vibes this dress gives off.

The third choice this week I feel speaks for itself just as much now as it will regardless of what it's paired with.  It's fun, sends a message and hell, when you're walking around with a rainbow in your hand, you can wear whatever you want and it'll look good!!

Number four continues on with my current love affair with ruffles, this time in an alluring dark hunter green.  Although a statement piece, this crop top strikes me as being unexpectedly versatile.  It could be paired with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and some converse or a midi skirt and some loafers for a daily look and paired with the fifth and final choice for the week, a dignified and pretty evening look.  I dare you find a woman on the planet who doesn't appreciate in the least, if not worship the work of Christian Louboutin and these Cross Filketa Strappy Pumps only further support this statement!

Hope you've enjoyed this week's Tempting Tuesday!! Tune in again in a week's time for more drool-worthy items and inspiration for some new looks.

Lots of love,


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