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13 March, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 33

Hello hello gorgeous and welcome back to Poor Little Rich Girl!

This Tempting Tuesday is one of the more scattered ones where I've stumbled across a few items in the past week's time that I couldn't screenshot, share and in some cases, secure as my own fast enough!

First up are these gorgeous regal court shoes.  I can't decide whether they'd look better with a simple t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans or if I need to find a way to attend more Galas.

Secondly is a funky and chic gold and silver ring.  Literally, ring.  I'm always looking for unique pieces of jewellery that because of my perspective on jewellery (you buy it, you wear it, you take it off 10% of the time only to interchange it with another piece of yours that's in constant circulation) fits the bill quite nicely.  It's understated enough to pair it with anything and wear daily, is both gold and silver and has that little extra bit something that'll prevent my growing bored with it and rather, usually acts as a conversation starter.

Number three this week is Tiffany & Co's new fragrance.  I can vouch for this one myself as I've been trying it out recently and while part of me thinks this is a scent that my Grandma might steal way from me (very old rich white lady...) I don't necessarily dislike all.  It might be too strong for my taste to use as a daily fragrance but it's crisp, distinct and elegant--perfect for special events.

The fourth item I'd like to share this week is this beautiful purple suede belt.  I'm growing more and more fond of this colour and not just because the few times I've worn it I've received compliments on how I look in that colour but rather in giving my mum's amazing vintage belts a chance to see the light of day, I'm quite liking using a belt as the focal piece of an outfit or even just adding a nice pop of colour.

The fifth and final tempting piece is a silky black and white polka-dotted blouse from Saint Laurent.  Although it doesn't always feel like it with the bitter chill still in the air, Spring is just around the corner and finding transitional pieces is a win, regardless of the time of year.  Finding ones that can be aptly worn currently (perhaps with a few more layers involved) and even more so in a few months time where the piece can shine through is like hitting the jackpot...especially when they're 40% off.



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