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07 March, 2018

Snow To Spring

Goodbye February and hello March!!

Here are some snaps from the last day of the quickest passing month where the day was unsurprisingly spent studying on both Emma's & my behalves.  When we got tired of being cooped up in our flats working, we decided to bring the work to TKH for a multi-tasking Wednesday night as the snow continued to fall all around London.

Thursday involved a painfully long cleaning session of the flat, some more studying and towards the end of the day, featured a bit of live music, Sofia's return from Portugal and finally successfully trying the Ravioli I'd been eying up for weeks on end now.

Friday marked my last day as a 22 year old which was rung in with the help of Sofia and Emma's lovely company over a few drinks (and a lot of dancing around in my rainbow sequinned blazer on my behalf) & a round of shots from the boys across the road after the clock struck twelve, making way for the 23rd. birthday.  With a big day ahead that was as crazy as it got (hardcore Fridays!) but be prepared for a few birthday posts coming your way soon!



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