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02 March, 2018

New Expectations

My expectations of a Tuesday have sky-rocketed after this last one.  It's probably best not to get too used to it, although it was a really lovely day and a fantastic start to the week.

Emma had to pick up her newly repaired earrings at Westfield and I had three watches that needed new batteries and a screen replacement so we figured we may as well go together!!

Unsurprisingly, I swear by Michael Kors watches and immediately assumed that seeing as all four of them are from the brand, that they'd be the right place to go to fix them.  I thought wrong but I found a beautiful silver leather card holder in the process & can only rave about The Watch Surgery who were both quick and very reasonable with the pricing.

After we'd sorted our jewellery we headed to the Disney Store so that Emma could pick up some Easter presents for her niece & nephew and I found an adorable present for my Mama come Mother's Day in the process.  Thereafter, we treated ourselves to a bottle of one of my personal favourites over lunch at Café Concerto.  I was salivating like a madman over the menu and while Emma said her dish was pretty good, my chicken caesar salad was far past lackluster with the chicken clearly having been frozen, microwaved and then all over and hard and flavourless...mmmm...  The only good service we received since sitting down was when I asked them to remove the salad from the bill, which was done without issue.

The snow in London was absolutely crazy!! Proper snow that stuck and just kept on coming!  Beautiful pictures on social media taken in Fulham with the magic white flurries floating around, covering every surface in a pretty white layer pulled us back home where we had a few drinks, coffee, and eventually dinner at Bloom while doing our individual uni work.

Thanks for a a great day honey!!


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