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19 March, 2018

My Mind's Dark Parties

Wednesdays with the crew carried on even with the weird moods we were all in and come Thursday the grand reveal of the long-awaited fancy pants new sign for Ricardo's salon finally came, allowing some positivity to circle about.

His mum's name is now up in lights and I know she couldn't be prouder of him for all of the effort and hard work he's thrown into the business, to carry on her legacy and to make a wonderful life for himself.

The salon chairs have been reupholstered, walls re-done, outside painted, stickers for the windows put up and now the sign.  Well done Rickie, well done. As the perfectionist that he is of course this is only just the beginning but it's a damn good start.

We all rushed down to take it all in and help out with some painting before heading down for some live music at our favourite spot and can I just say, wow...I can't remember the last time I experienced a live performance that brought tears to my eyes.

Khariis Ubiaro, a spoken word artist debuting his EP that evening at TKH had my feet nailed to the floor.  His stage presence, while powerful, also allows for an incredible connection between him and the audience as you feel alongside him with every word that leaves his mouth.  I don't think I could count on one hand how many times I got goosebumps watching him.  I spoke to him briefly after congratulating him and thanking him for sharing his art with us, revealing that both Adam and myself had enjoyed it to the point of tears at which a point he proceeded to give us both a big, heartfelt hug.

Khariis comes across as being such a cool guy both on stage and off.  He was honest, brutal, friendly, and incredibly passionate about what he does.  He is one to watch.  With talent and charisma like that, you can only be going places.  He was accompanied by the talented Sam on guitar who, given the rock n' roll vibes I was getting, I hope we get to see more of as well.

Unfortunately we missed Beth's performance this time as we ran a bit late at the salon but I'm sure she smashed it as she did the last time!

I was able to pick up a few copies of his poetry book, 'My Mind's Dark Parties' for myself as well as Lina, Mama, Michael... (everyone, their best friend and their dog essentially).  If you like what you see (videos below) and want more, his book is available here and as usual, the relevant Instagram profiles for all three aforementioned artists here:

sam _simmondsmead

Friday was Emma's last day in London before heading off to Australia for the next three weeks so of course we had to do send-off drinks at our usual spot.  We had a chilled out but entertaining evenine before continuing on to mine for some pasta, prosecco and a Little Mix dance party before calling it a night.  Wishing you an amazing trip home sweets!! We miss you already!



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