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05 March, 2018

Fit For A Queen: An ASOS Order

Here is the dress I'd chose for my 23rd. birthday celebrations this year along with the stunning Cinderella-esc. shoes I snapped up (on sale!) from my beloved ASOS to pair with it.  My wanting to look and feel like a Princess, if not a Queen, is nothing new (shocker) but when I first laid eyes on this beautiful navy blue lace and satin skater dress from Chi Chi London, I knew it was the perfect fit for this year's birthday bash.

I will say however, not fully being sure if it's because my arm/back workouts have been paying off, because my long-lost boobies have returned, or if the dress just runs a bit small, I might suggest getting a size bigger than you usually use.  I was lucky to get one a bit bigger the day after the first one arrived, just in time for my birthday dinner on the 3rd. (okay, so my control-freaky way of 'just int time' might vary slightly from others') as it's selling out very quickly!!

In addition to these two new items I picked up a few staples as well starting with a simple black tank top and a black swing top.  Whether they're paired with a pair of jeans for a minimalistic chic look, used in this freezing weather for an undershirt, or used as workout gear I am now well prepared!!

I've found myself using the same two black belts for ages now and much as I love them, they need a bit of 'drawer time' to recuperate from their constant use, letting these two new black leather babies take centre stage for awhile.

I love the western belts out there at the moment (incase that wasn't obvious as one of the two belts I was speaking about above is my double-buckled western belt that I rarely leave the house without) so I opted for a similar, single buckle model.  The second newbie is this beautiful gold loop buckle leather belt.  I'm on the hunt for one in silver as well, beautiful as it is in gold, I am impartial to the lighter of the metallics overall.  ASOS does carry on but unfortunately it's not in real leather.  Holla at your girl if you just happen to fall over one?! ;)

Finally, and very much on an appropo note, a new black skater skirt to throw into the mix.  I think it's safe to say that this is an item that I couldn't live without.  It looks great regardless of how you dress it and what you pair it with--a blouse, crop top, trainers, heels,'s flattering on every body type and gives off a flirty & fun vibe regardless of your ensemble.  That being said, my one is definitely getting quite tired and before it makes its way to a charity shop I wanted to ensure that I had a new one to grab for!!

Which of the newest babies is your favourite?  What are your must-have wardrobe items?



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