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12 March, 2018

Blondes, Brunettes & Bubbles: My 23rd. Birthday (Pt. 2)

Here are the pictures from the second half of my wonderful 23rd. birthday comprised of dinner and our time at TKH.

The Fulham gang+Lily & Mette and I dined at Maze Grill Park Walk and the service was impeccable, the food other-worldly and the restaurant had an intimate, elegant ambience.  We started off with some of their popcorn chicken and smashed avocado with sweet potato crisps before we excitedly devoured our respective steaks, burgers and sides.

Filled to the brim with mouth-wateringly good food and fantastic wine, Mette, Lily, Mads and myself headed to The King's Head while the other half of the crew hopped off to Ricardo's so he could "change his jacket".  It dawned on me later on that this was nothing but a clever ploy to pick up the last surprises for the evening.

I felt like a superstar as the DJ turned off the music, switching it to correlate with the 'Happy Birthday' that everyone burst into as Emma made her way to me with a beautiful bottle of Rosé Champagne, Sofia next to her with a giant present that turned out to be stuffed with sweeties!! I was already so happy just to have had such a wonderful meal and then to discover my very own balloons (who doesn't love balloons?!) and the banger after banger their new DJ was playing but no, girls had to take it up just enough for me to burst into tears.

We had our fun until closing and continued onwards to Ricardo's, who generously hosted the after party that had us up until 7, pushing 'brunch' the next day a little later than usual.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who made my last birthday in London so memorable.  I'm going to miss you guys so much but it's times like these that only further solidify your places in my heart as my London family.



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