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15 February, 2018

Worth The Wait

Delayed Christmas presents are still Christmas presents and based on how massively spoilt I felt upon receiving these fabulous new bits, I'm going to go ahead and say that they just might be even better!!

Polina and I decided to get matching blazers for each other this year and I'm obsessed with it down to the smallest of details.  It's double-breasted, the buttons aren't too yellow or two brassy gold and are sewed on with a red accent thread that are one of those details that I love about it!

I am no stranger to a bit of a shower boogie and Lord knows my phone doesn't do well with all of the dampness but I never really saw a way around that.  Enter: Mads.  One of the only items gifted that wasn't on my wish list was this waterproof shower speaker that I don't know how I lived without.  It syncs up via Bluetooth and you can adjust the volume, change the songs etc.   It's such a well thought through, creative gift that my phone is already thanking him for.

Apart from that, he got me this amazing pair of black satin thigh-high boots that I couldn't wait to wear (hence the slightly dirty soles in the picture).  They required zero breaking in, keep me toasty in these still frigid temperatures and elevate any outfit.  I was also gifted a pretty black suede pair of court shoes and two new dresses.  Don't ask me how or why but the grey oversized sweatshirt dress is somehow even softer than the black velvet frock!!

Most certainly worth the wait! Thank you two for your sweet gifts, I love them!!



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