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27 February, 2018

The Hype

Double (triple?) shifts for some, networking, vocal practice, hype/dance work, event planning, new music, new friends and the continued Sunday brunch and pizza dates sums up my past weekend quite accurately if you were to throw in the mass amounts of reading, "family management", unexpected bureaucratic BS and a seemingly new record in lack of sleep (the last three not quite as photogenic).  How was your weekend?

I'm quite happy in knowing that I'm nowhere near alone in my bazaar levels of confusion, stress & overall chaos with work, uni and hell, life in general...gotta love your 20's, right?!

Everyone is working tirelessly at the moment and while we are all running on low and technically should be hitting 'empty' soon, with enough dark humour, support, coffee and alcoholic beverages we're pulling through quite alright... #overit.

Have a positive & productive week my sweets :*



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