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12 February, 2018

Thriftin' Finds, AZ

Hey all!

Forgot to share these with you from Lina, Michael's & my quick trip to Good Will on our hometown tour during our time in Arizona.  Because we were a bitch crunched on time we all scanned the aisles separately and before heading into the changing rooms, Lina presented me with this pretty silky Michael Kors blouse she'd found while I gave her a cute little black shift dress with white daisies on it.

I know these shoes are from a few season back from H&M but I still think they're so cute and considering they were completely unworn and in my size, I couldn't resist!  The fact that they wound up matching the blouse perfectly couldn't have been any more perfect...except for the fact that I wound up spending under $20 for both.  Love a good second-hand find!



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