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14 February, 2018


A time for new passport covers has been long overdue with the prior ones matching each passport's colours in the floral Vera Bradley patterns I'd come to know and love.  I just haven't been able to part with them even though I didn't feel that they really suited me, becoming more and more outdated by the day and well, a bit tacky.  Even as much as they are usually in use, I've quite simply managed to forget to have a look around for some new ones time and time again.

This time around, I've matched the blue American passport to a pretty silver and my Danish to a rose gold, both personalised with my initials into the 100% recycled leather.  I am a bit worried that the buttons are going to break as they seem quite wobbly every time I open and close the covers but here's hoping otherwise because otherwise I'm loving the upgrade.



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