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19 February, 2018

Silver, Suede & Brown All Over

I've had my eye on this bag since it was first released but there was no place for it in my wardrobe at the time because although it'd look great just with an all black outfit, I wanted to be able to pair it with a little more than just that.  I want to incorporate some more browns (cognac, chocolate) and nudes (beige, taupe) into my wardrobe and although I'm still hunting down a gorgeous pair of ankle boots in either of the four colours, with the new H&M sandals and the taupe suede pointed loafer heels, I feel like I'm off to a good start!! 

Another benefit in waiting to purchase by "tracking" an item is the expected price drop.  Of course, waiting to buy at times means that you are taking the risk that it will be sold out or when you get around to committing to buy it, it might not be on trend anymore.  I do my best to follow trends, to an extent, but whether or not something is from the right season doesn't usually bother me...especially if it's a classic piece like this one!  Also, instead of paying the $400 price tag it had when first released, I got it for...drum roll please...$75!! Patience is a virtue.

I love the boho vibes the mixed patchwork and the studs rimming the sides and bottom of the bag give off and I think any silver chain handle oozes elegance.  The space in a bag of this size is incredible with loads of sealed off storage spaces and pockets galore.  It's a great in-between size when I don't feel like schlepping around a massive tote but need to be able to fit more than just necessities in a clutch.  

If you like this piece, it's the Michael Kors Astor Large Satchel Shoulder Bag.  I can't find it anywhere online except for E-bay so if you want one of your own, follow one of the three links below:



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