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23 February, 2018


Hello and happy Friday!
How's everybody's week been?

With the national strike action currently happening with regards to the University & College Union protesting against recent possible pension scheme changes it's been a trying time staying on top of uni work.

With lectures being cancelled left, right & centre and the materials just not being uploaded for us to use I've been reading front to back of my textbooks, taking notes and attempting to suss out what falls within the scope of all of the different legal areas and topics I'm meant to know for my assessments in two months time, followed up with my last exams.

I've finished everything for my International Law Of Armed Conflict module with the exception of my assessment and next week I'll attempt to tackle my Medical Law & Ethics class before throwing myself into my EU law project.

Long story short...when I'm not at home studying in my yoga pants or planning out everything relating to my up & coming move, I'm chilling with TKH gang and eating far too much pizza...not all of which I'm positive warrants a constant stream of pictures and posts so if it's a bit quiet on here for awhile, you know what I'm up to ;)

Here are some snaps that I forgot to share from our newest tradition of Sunday dinners at my favourite Italian spot with Emma (post-scratch cards and drinks with the boys).  I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tonight but I'm trying to scratch as many things off of the to-do list as possible to make up for my lack of sleep after the after-party at mine that ran until 5:30 in the morning following our time at TKH's first jam session.  I feel like being a student is now, more than ever, very much a full-time job and Friday's, more often than not, wind up being my chill nights but maybe I'll put on big girl clothes, a bit of makeup, and socialise...maybe.

Have a good night everyone :)


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