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04 February, 2018

Memory Lane

The first flowers for the ceremony started arriving on the 4th., schlepped over by our personal driver--a term that on this day, went to even greater lengths than it has before as us three piled in the car to take a quite literal trip down Memory Lane.

I know I'll be back to Arizona some day and hope so much that time will arrive much sooner rather than later but without having the same reason to visit, it is less likely that it will be as often that we get to come home as we have.  For that reason, we decided to do a nice Phoenix/Scottsdale tour of a few of the many places that we grew up before saying a final farewell to Daddy and what feels like an awful lot of a final farewell to Arizona as well.

We managed to sneak in a quick thrifting session, me having found something for Lina and her me as well as picking up a few more baskets for the ceremony.  Although it was a quick stop, we swung by by one of our fav spots for lunch as well, House of Yang, and let the floodgates open.

It was a really lovely trip, emotionally exhausting as it was, it was beautiful and I'm so happy and thankful that we got to do it.

I spent some time with the Mannari's thereafter and was even personally invited for the second time around to read Victoria and Julian a bed time story after having received not one, but two pretty flowers from the garden for my hair to match my dress (*heart explodes*).

It's painfully true what they say about how its the people that make the place but we are so lucky to have so many amazing and loving people still here in AZ that I'm sure if not here, we will be seeing somewhere else in the world at one point or another as well.



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