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25 February, 2018

Em's Sales Selection: Pt. 2

Hello hello :)

The reception of last week's first go at my sale selections was absolutely fantastic so here is a little something something to enjoy for the remainder of the weekend and to kick off the new week ahead as well.

I've just bought my birthday dress and shoes from ASOS today along with a few simple new pieces and accessories that I've found myself missing.  Once they come through the post I will of course be sharing them on here but until such a time, have a look at some of the best pieces, now marked down from the following places:

BCBG (25% off) Valid through 25/2
Boo Hoo (50% off) Valid through 26/2
Forever 21 (80% off) 
ASOS (Spend more, save more)

Have a great weekend guys!

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above image.   All rights go to its original owner(s).**

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