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12 February, 2018

Content Limbo

Mama's '"35th." birthday complete with freshly baked buns, enough flowers bouquets to have properly exhausted our local florist and a very happy birthday girl.  Aside from the bouquet we sent, Lina and I got her a supply of Caesar salad dressing (which for some reason they stopped selling last year, much to her dismay) and a new, updated Trivial Pursuit game in English.  I'm hoping that it being from the 2000's and in my strongest language might give me a fair advantage finally :P

As great as it is to be back in Denmark, it would appear as though my body disagrees.  The morning after flying in, I woke up with a weird feeling in my throat and a sudden nasty cough that was getting progressively worse and making me tired outside of the influence of jet-lag.  I'd warned her that I was ill, with what we did not know but were going to make it our mission once the weekend had passed ad I could get an appointment at the doctors, but sweet Louise took the chance and came out to see us two crazy ladies.  Mama worked all day on her famous enchiladas which were, as they always have been and always will be, d e v o u r e d after glasses of wine and a good time.

Come Monday we were made aware that my being convinced that I would require antibiotics as my fever hadn't broken in four days was onto something as I've secured a nice, unhealthy case of none other than Pneumonia and was cautioned against flying out given my history of respiratory issues.  After having had a correspondence with one of my university teachers regarding a project meet-up I'd booked my return ticket around, it would appear as though I'll be in Denmark a little longer than expected to get well and enjoy some more time with family while working from abroad.  Definitely not part of the plan but hell, sometimes you just have to go with it.

Hope you're all doing well!  Thanks for checking in :)


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