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04 February, 2018

Biscuits & Gravy

Given we both had such a short time in Arizona, it was jam-packed with as many beloved humans as possible, including some I've yet to meet.  A very good friend of Michael's, Sam, whom Lina went to school with as well and has known for years now came over for a group cooking session and dinner party.  The boys whipped up Southern-style biscuits and gravy while Lina and I did the easiest of dishes, Danish cucumber salad, as per Mdogg's request.

Not that it was really meant to go with the dinner by any means buuuuttt we're trying our best to keep up tradition and that meant that although it wasn't done in time for New Year's Eve, big sister's Crème brûlées made their way onto the menu as well.  Although improvisations were a necessity given we weren't in a place of our own, Michael pulled out all the stops, damn-near emptying his family's entire kitchen for our meal and even picking up some make-shift ramekins (the one thing they don't have) so that I could attempt Lina's all-time favourite dessert.  

It was so nice meeting Sam, he was such an absolute sweetheart and I was happily surprised with the main meal.  Given its description, I won't lie, I was intrigued but not sure it would exactly be my piece of cake.  I was the greedy little one who took not two but three servings!! Absolutely amazing, well done boys!

I will never not appreciate the beautiful simplicity of good food, good music and good shouldn't ever be taken for granted or undervalued.  Those three things individually bring such happiness but when combined, they are, as Daddy said, what make life worth living.

Thank you all for such a cosy time :)



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