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16 February, 2018

Back & Better Than Ever

My first day back home started with an early rise so that I could unpack, put a couple of loads of laundry over and spruce up the place a bit before Emma's & my nail appointment.  We met up with Ricardo and Sofia at Bloom for a coffee and headed to TKH for my first Wednesday back with the crew where I finally got to share my big news with everyone!! Henry, Adam & Mads joined us a bit later but in the end it was Emma and I as the last men standing, singing along to Taylor Swift's 'reputation' until six in the morning.  Brunch and nap time were both definite necessity the day after so that I was recharged and ready to start knocking things off the to-do list before the weekend hit.

Friday rolled around and I had what was meant to be a dinner party with Mette that wound up being a long, interesting night out that just proved to me that me and the clubbing scene just don't mix anymore.  Bubbly baths, Riverdale and sushi, casual drinks, Italian food (so nice we went twice) and karaoke sessions/dance parties and Sunday scratch cards (a new tradition) are definitely a bit more my style, as great as it was to see my darling Danish girl again.

The holidays are most definitely over, with each coming week being busier than the next.  Happy to have had such a fun first few days back in town but now it's time to get down to it...



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