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20 February, 2018


Good morning humans!
How are we all doing today?

No one in the group, myself included, managed to take an awful lot of pictures from our time at The King's Head's 'Anti-Valentine's' party on the 14th.  I've never had anything against Valentine's Day, per se except that I feel like it's often marketed in a way that's made you to feel like crap if you're single...something I'll never understand.

TKH took a different approach with 2-for-1 cocktails and burgers galore (who doesn't love deep friend cheese and bacon...on V-day of all days?!) with single anthems blaring through the speakers over a steady flow of bottles of wine shared between Sofia, Ricardo, Emma, Mads and myself as we noshed down on sweeties and 'celebrated our freedom'.

Hope you all had a great day whether you're single, taken, or somewhere in between remember that self love is the most important.  Be with someone who deserves and cherishes you for all that you are...once you're ready & don't bother with anyone that falls short.

On a closing note, I just also wanted to wish my beloved state of Arizona a very happy birthday that year after year goes overshadowed as it's date of statehood just so happens to be on Valentine's Day.

Big love,


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