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13 February, 2018

An Extended Danish Holiday

Here are some snaps from the beautiful blue wintery time period I've spent in Denmark with my beloved Mama.  It's been a lot of rounds of cards, testing out her new Trivial Pursuit, cuddles with Boelle and Mitzy, endless cups of coffee and watching Modern Family over scrumptious dinners that I'm sure the scale will be scolding me on once I'm back in London again...*sigh* Always so nice to be back and to just (try) to relax for a bit.

I got to see Polina since unexpectedly extending my stay which was, as always, fantastic.  Apart from that, I've been the number one go-to for Mormor, Morfar & Mama's technical support needs and busy with immense amounts of uni work that I'm just thankful I can do from here while I'm getting better and soaking up as much time with my bestie as possible before returning to England in early February.

We went to see 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' which was, even given the gruesomeness of the story, quite funny and very well put together even as so much of it rings far too true.  We all made it past the one year mark of my Father's passing and the start of February kicked off in the most amazing of ways which I will be sharing with you all very soon.  Before heading to Copenhagen I managed dinner with Tove, Ole, Helene & Bo and a few more days with Louise, Casper and the even more massive and fluffy fur baby of theirs, Miles.  Even though we saw each other a little over a week before, somehow finding topics of conversation wasn't difficult for us...especially with a few bottles of wine and Chris Stapelton at our disposal :P I even got to sleep in the music room (HONOURED) surrounded by no less than six beautiful guitars and a grand piano.

Thanks for feeling like a warm hug even amidst -8 degree temperatures, Denmark.  A pleasure as always!! I hope to be back sooner rather than later but for now, London calling...

Big love,


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