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09 February, 2018

All The Greetings

My last of two days in Arizona kicked off with a New Mexican thank you brunch and farewell to the Greenbergs before the packing charade began once again.  Lina, Michael and I ran to Fashion Square to pick up a few bits and pieces before succumbing to temptation and rumbling bellies and indulging in a pancake at a breakfast spot nearby, later crossing one more thing off the to-do list as we headed to old stomping grounds in North Scottsdale for Lina's doctor's appointment and then off to the airport!

Upon arriving at baggage check-in I was informed that due to the weather conditions on the East Coast that BA's anticipated air bus was unable to make it to Arizona and the plane that they'd secured in its stead was not big enough to carry all of the passengers for my flight.  Instead, they might be randomly selecting passengers unable to fly out that night at the gate unless they got enough volunteers who would be compensated and covered for choosing to fly out the day following.  Seeing no good point of not signing up as a volunteer, I ran it by the kiddos and even as tearful as our pre-security goodbyes usually are, it was even more so this time around also not knowing if we'd potentially be seeing each other again in around an hour or so if I was selected as a volunteer.  Turns out, only four volunteers were needed for everyone to be able to fit on the London-bound aircraft, myself not counted in those and I was Trans-Atlantic bound after all was said and done (even though more was said than done).

It was a whirlwind of a trip to Arizona but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I hope with all of my heart that there won't go too much time before I get to see this wonderful desert Paradise, drenched in memories ranging from heartbreaking and world-shattering to sheer nostalgia, joy and love once again.  Thank you to everyone who made this trip as seamless and coated in love and support as I ever could have imagined.  See you...

After what felt like a very, very long flight, I landed safely in London with time to kill.  Delays here...delays there...after having been awake for over 30 hrs. and Skyping my Mama just to ensure that my head didn't smash into the table at which I sat, I boarded my flight to Copenhagen with darling Telissa awaiting my arrival.  We somehow, with a lot of elbow grease and creativity, managed to shove all of my luggage into her friend Victoria's Mini and settled into their awe-inspiring flat for the night after schlepping everything up six flights of stairs... A few glasses of red wine and conversations lead us into the earl morning, soaking up as much of each others presence after not having seen each other for three years (since my 19th. birthday party in Notting Hill) as possible before we headed off in our opposite directions.

It's amazing that for the third(?) year in a row, even with her knowing that I was in the country, that I somehow managed to surprise my mom for her birthday!!  The plan was originally to have a few days in Copenhagen with Telissa before heading to Fyn to celebrate my Mama but a few things came up that she unfortunately couldn't ignore so I ran up Mormor and asked if she could possibly pick me up at the station in Svendborg and was willing to be complicit in my lovingly evil plan to rock up at Mama's ahead of schedule.  She was adorably excited for all of the above and so, off we went!!

The trip went as planned and quite quickly as well with one slight inconvenience that, in the least, happened during the final leg of my trip.  In attempting to move my two suitcases onto the escalator, one decided to stay behind.  A lovely gentleman asked if it was supposed to come along as well and as I turned around to grab it and help him, I fell, smashing my knee cap directly into the sharp metal flooring of the escalator.  SWEET JESUS I cannot remember the last time I felt such honestly indescribable pain that made getting up immediately a complete impossibility.  Before the teeth at the bottom of the escalator reached the first suitcase and myself, I raised myself up, hobbling over to my train so not to miss it, not even bothering to conceal the pain I was feeling.  Good thing Mormor was waiting for me there since I couldn't apply any weight on my entire right leg.  It's useful having a grandma as a physical therapist, I must admit...We cleaned me up, bandaged me in nice and tight and heading out to surprise the almost birthday girl who was indeed, successfully and happily surprised once again.

As long as it has taken and likely will continue to take with them being met with a massive and unexpected obstacle at every turn they take in doing up Mama's new pad, it is starting to resemble something liveable!!  The guest bathroom and bedroom have made huge strides since I saw it last in the summer and are looking great.  Even if it's the house in itself is almost nothing but storage and a construction site, Mama's little guesthouse will be my chilled-out sanctuary until the 20th. and for that, I'm excited, grateful and content.  It's good to be back and to experience a bit of calm after an amazing but crazy past month of holiday.



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