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06 February, 2018

A Jungle For You

One of the final and most important components for the big day came easier to me than I'd expected, thankfully so.  With everything else finally in place, Lina and I popped into AJ's to pick out the flowers we'd create our bouquets for our Daddy.  He loved their selections and after searching endlessly online for the perfect one, I decided to join Lina in this idea instead.

Lina wasn't vibing as well with the flowers as I was and wanted to go to the AJ's he used to go to the day following, even as it was the day of the ceremony, but she was confident in that they would have something perfect for her to lay on the mountain.  Once I felt content in having felt that I'd picked out half of the store (still never enough, although I can see his face and hear him saying...for f*cksake Mitta) we headed to Wally's, a favourite, for some serious comfort food that sustained us long into the night where we let our perfectionism run wild before trying to catch some zzz's.



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