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13 January, 2018

Watergate Views

Part two of our 22nd. of December was meant to have been spent at the Watergate Hotel (yes, that Watergate) iceskating on their rooftop with a 360ยบ view of DC and while we did go to take in the spectacular view of the Kennedy Centre all lit up in rainbow colours, the beautiful eery darkness of the Potomac and the river boats gliding down it, distant twinkles of light signifying their presence and our beloved Georgetown, it wasn't as poppin' as expected on a Friday night before Christmas so once we were satisfied that we'd taken in enough of the views, we headed to...guess...Georgetown!

Again, the plan was to go iceskating but once you get all comfy and warm, drink in hand and are quickly (weaklings) pulled in by the beckoning call of twenty dishes that have your mouth watering from your fav spot (Farmers, Fishers, Bakers)...the cold and treacherous ice-rink packed with humans just doesn't seem quite as tempting.

I ended up drinking what felt like my entire weight in Banana Daiquiris while we shared Beignets and people watched everyone on the ice rink from a comfortable distance ;) Now, that's what I'm talking about!



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