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04 January, 2018

Two Birds & A River Horse

Lina's first exam was a little past noon and her second not until 20 min. 'til 8 pm that evening so we thought we could kill two birds with one stone and go to Georgetown to study for a bit, she could show me some more of her favourite spots, & we could finalise our Christmas shopping.  After giving the River Horse so big hugs & kisses for good luck and in celebration of her final day as a Sophomore, we were off!  Another day, another study session...SO CLOSE!!!

At least when you're studying at an adorable Turkish coffee place with the best damn coffee my lips have touched since actually being in Turkey (Simit+Smith) with the view of Georgetown through the window and your sister sat across from you, it's an awful lot more bearable! Once we'd reached a sufficient level in our respective study goals, we headed just next door to Lina & Michael's favourite Lebanese Shawarma spot and the never-ending 'wow's' started pouring out of my mouth yet again.  If you're in the DC area and love a good Shawarma, go to Muncheez!!!


When you put on your first sheet mask and expect to feel & look like a Victoria's Secret model but wind up looking like Jason Voorheese...


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