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16 January, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 26

Black is the best go-to colour for any look, no questions asked.  I've always favourited this "colour" and its appeal has yet to fade away.  I think the biggest reason for that is that black can be whatever you want it to be...timeless, demure, sexy, elegant, bold, unique, edgy...the options are limitless!! I've recently found absolute boat-loads of gorgeous black tops, all encompassing different styles and emitting different vibes.  Black tops are one of my number one must-haves (and by must-haves I mean I must have more of these items than any other in my wardrobe) and the best thing about a good black top, in my opinion, is its ability to represent more than one of the aforementioned at one time or from outfit to outfit, based on how it's styled.

Have a look ;)



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