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10 January, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 25

Hello hello and a happy Tuesday to you!
How are we doing today?

This week's TT post has got me all revved up, even as it is a bit delayed as I was headed to Denmark from Arizona yesterday.

I think the first three items would look amazing combined and then paired with a black denim jacket and some ankle boots, with a bit of tassle perhaps?  Every last one of these has been screen-shotted and is to be organised in my usual OCD manner soon.  It's too late to put them on my Christmas wish list but having a birthday in March is quite useful ;)

I love the sleek feel of these navy stilettos and the bow on the back elevates them even further, giving what is normally a sophisticated, classic shoe a nice modern, playful pop.

We all know I can't function without my blazers and I have a specific affinity for double breasted blazers (bow down to Balmain!), mostly, however, in black.  I think this white one would look badass with an all black ensemble and will most certainly be quite a nice addition to my wardrobe when the time comes where I have no willpower left to resist my shopping habits...

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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